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Corbett Countyy Resort
Jim Corbett National Park,
Uttaranchal, India

Corbett County Resort , Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India
Corbett County Resort, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

In the biggest natural habitat for the creations of nature other than man in North India, there is a budding new place to be in -"Corbett County". Situated on the threshold of the Corbett National Park Corbett County is a place so close to nature that it almost immediately takes you away from your daily worries and allow you to relax and unwind away from the hectic city routine.

Exterior of  rooms at Corbett County Resort , Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Accommodation : Corbett County has Deluxe Cottage accommodation with provision for hot & cold water in bathrooms, wall to wall carpet & room service.

Office of Corbett County Resort, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Dining : spacious dining hall for wholesome dinning experience & open green space outside cottages to provide that extra feel. There is a Gol Hut for bonfire evenings, overall a memorable experience.

Accomodations at Corbett County Resort, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

About Jim Corbett National Park

India national animal, the tiger is the largest amongst the living cats and universally acclaimed as one of the most grand animal found on the earth. Originally there sub species have already become extinct and remaining five are critically endangered through out their range. According to he current estimate the world wide numbers of tiger in the wild has declined to another six thousand, half of which are found in India. Jim Corbett National Park harbors one of the last sizeable population of the bengal (Indian) tiger- Panthera tigris.

Gol hutfor bon fire at Corbett County Resort, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Jim Corbett National Park spread over an area of 1318.54 sq. km. is situated in the foothills of Himalayas mainly in the district of Pauri Garwal and Nainital. Jim Corbett National Park contains two protected areas within its precincts, namly Jim Corbett National Park { CNP 520.82 sq.kms.} and Sonanadi wildlife sanctuary {WLS-301.18 sq.kms.}. Jim Corbett National Park was established on 8th august, 1936 and happens to be the oldest national park of the Indian subcontinent.

Parking space at Corbett County Resort, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Inside of a room at Corbett County Resort, Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Inside of a room at Corbett County Resort , Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Attached bathroom at Corbett County Resort , Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India

Corbett Countyy Resort - Jim Corbett National Park, INDIA

02 Nights AP Package for a Couple

Valid 01 October 2014 to 31 March 2015
Except 20 Dec to 04 Jan

Room Type
02 Nights
AC Deluxe
Rs 8,500
AC Super Deluxe
Rs 9,000
Extra Child 06 to 12 Yrs without bed
Rs 2,600
Above 12 Yrs with an extra mattress
Rs 3,200

Govt Hotel Luxury Tax Extra as applicable approx 8%

Package includes :
Non alcoholic Welcome Drink on arrival , 02 Breakfast , 02 Lunch and 02 Dinner, 01 Child below 5 yrs free sharing parents room.


ADD-ONS : Jungle Jeep Safari for maximum of 6 Pax inclusive of
Driver & Guide charge, Entrance Fee, Permit charges.
from Bijrani Gate (Approx 06 Kms from Resort) @ Rs 3,500  and
from Durga Devi / Jhirna Gate (Approx 20 Kms from Resort) @ Rs 3,500

Special Arrangements for AC and Non Car from Delhi to Corbett
and back to Delhi on extra cost are also available

on advance payment

Altitude : 400 m to 1200m
Latitude: 29°25'N - 29°40'N
Longitude: 78°45' - 78°50'E

The Corbett National Park is an excellent and largely inviolate specimen of the rich sal and mixed woodland that spans the outer Himalayas. Because of its rich biogeographic diversity, the Park is a natural haven for the flora and fauna of the plains, the submountainous regions and high altitude areas.

At the lower level are winding strips of alluvial grasslands or chaurs (beloved to many species of deer) crossed by numerous water courses. The lifeline of the Park is the sparkling Ramganga river which provides safe harbour to mahaseer fish, crocodile and otter. Stately stands of sal and diverse mixed forest cover hills and valleys, fodder and foliage for large herds of elephants. Sharp spurs in the terrain make it an idyllic habitat for shy species like the tiger.

The incredible variety of mammals, birds and vegetation at Corbett reveals one of the healthiest 'food chains' this side of the world. Almost all the major groups of animals known to exist in the Himalayan Terai and the Bhabar foothills region are found here. The abundance of the prey species determines the presence and survival of the predators. As the abundance of diverse vegetation supports myriad species, from avian to mammal.

Corbett is a delightful education. Of nature in a superabundant, undisturbed state. An image of a vanishing world.

A home for vanishing species

The protective environment of Corbett Park has kept some endangered species safe and thriving, like the hog deer which has been virtually saved from extinction. At last count, the numbers had increased substantially.

Corbett is also the only home of the rare Indian pagolin. Consider yourself supremely blessed if you spot one!

The rare fish eating, long snouted gharial is a common sight on the banks of the river Ramganga.

Several species on the world hit list have been seen to be breeding happily in the park, at ease in Corbett's rich, life supporting biodiversity.

In 1974 the world funded Tiger Project was launched at Corbett National Park in an endeavour to save this majestic animal from extinction. With Corbett as the pilot model, eight other tiger reserves came up in India. At the last count the tiger population in Corbett and other parks had shown stability, raising hopes of naturalists and conservators worldwide.

Corbett is one of the most congested parks in India with a ratio of 1 tiger to every 5 acres. Gullies, ravines and thick forest cover give tigers the right kind of habitat. And herdes of deer, particularly the sambar, plenty of food.

The tiger is reclusive, but can be somewhat predictable in its beat. You are more likely to spot a tiger close near a water body than to meet him or her accidentally on the forest path! And though your hair may stand on end, it may be worthwhile to take heed of what Jim Corbett wrote in his 'Man-eaters of Kumaon' -

"A tiger's function in the scheme of things is to help maintain the balance in nature and if, on rare occasions when driven by dire necessity, he kills a human being or when his natural food has been ruthlessly exterminated by man, it is not fair that for these acts a whole species should be branded as cruel and bloodthirsty. ...There is one point on which all sportsmen will agree with me, and that is, that a tiger is a large hearted gentleman with boundless courage and that when he is exterminated - as exterminated he will be unless public opinion rallies to his support - India will be the poorer for having lost the finest of her fauna."

Project Tiger - The most ambitious conservation project ever undertaken, Project Tiger was launched with the support of the World Wildlife Fund and the involvement of the world's most ardent conservationists

The park, with its rich biogeographic diversity, is home to more than 600 species of birds - about half of the total species found in the entire Indian subcontinent! You can see parakeets, owls, orioles, drongos, thrushes, babblers,bulbuls, cuckoos, doves, bee eaters, rollers, flycatchers, warblers, robins,chats, finches, forktails, hornbills, kingfishers and many many more. It is also possibly one of the best placesin the world for observing birds of prey. About 50 species out of the total 70 odd species found in South East Asia live in the park. The numerous water bodies provide an ideal habitat for ducks and waders.

Many of these birds are migratory: the park forms a natural crossroad and meeting ground for avian species from high altitude areas, plains and eastern and western regions.

Because of this unique location, the bird population is pretty high throughout the year, with winter visitors, summer visitors, altitudinal migrants, passage migrants and local migrants.

Even the fringes of the park are eminently rewarding. All you need is a pair of binoculars for hours - and even days - of fascinated birdwatching.

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